Sunday, 18 October 2015

Review on Documentary Film: Health & Sanitation (Non Profits & Activism)

Description of the video:
This video focuses on development issues which are prevailing in rural India. The video shows group of children beating their drums, making the noises and roaming around the village. They have a message and the purpose ensuring that their voices are heard. It talks about defecation in the village area. A boy named Om Prakash, talks about that when we go to the toilet in open area as firstly, the flies sit on it and then it goes back to sit on their food which causes various diseases. The video has been shot in the remote village of Uttar Pradesh, a state where less than 36% of households have toilets. In other words 6 out 10 do not have access to toilets. Sharda, who studies in class 4 in a local government primary school where he is been taught the real value of sanitation. They are taught to keep their hands clean by washing them with the soap. From an early age, children coming to pre schools are introduced to use baby friendly toilets. Children are taught with the emphasis on cleanliness.
Then the video shows the Ram Narayan Maurya, Headmaster, Government School, Lalapur, talking about sanitation and parents who has to understand the need to install toilets at their homes. This video shows the entire environment of Lalapur village, where lots of people are socially excluded and has marginalized caste. But as the children are now aware of health hazard, so people started to think about their own welfare in constructing toilets at their own homes where they can have access to toilets 24*7. This village is free from open defecation. People who have trouble in walking could now get to go to the toilet.
Rishikesh Singh who is a headman of Lalapur village has worked passionately in ensuring that each and every household has toilets at their homes. Upper caste people were used to harass others not to defecate in their fields but now having their own toilets set them free to use it.
This Change has come from within the community. The village now feels a great sense of achievement and women of this village now feel safe, secure and dignified.

My Perspective :
This video has depicted a village called Lalapur, which is situated in Uttar Pradesh. In this village, the need for proper sanitation is being understood. I think this video can be a proof for the development of our nation. Although we see that there is a dire need for proper sanitation facilities in rural areas of India but the development has already started in some areas. Children have now being taught the meaning of proper sanitation in their schools so that they can practice and advised others to do the same. My perspective says that this video is a good example to show the development. It gives the whole idea how people are now starting to understand that there is a need to use toilets to avoid diseases and various health hazards. Likewise, development should take place at every corner of India so that there is no gap between rich and poor or developed or underdeveloped.

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