Sunday, 18 October 2015

Review on Documentary: The Tears Of India by Akhil Narayanan


Description of The Video:
This video shows that there has been some work going on in a dhaba. It shows the environment of a food outlet where people are having their food, the cook is busy making the same and there is a boy who is cleaning and picking up the utensils from the table. It’s been 4:35 pm in the clock. Then the video shows a boy (in his teenage) is sitting around the utensils in order to clean them. He cleans all the utensils. He holds all the utensils in his small hands but unfortunately they fall off on the floor from his hands. He becomes terrified. Suddenly another man appears from inside and slaps him and push him hard that he falls off on the floor. He starts crying.
Then the video shows some snaps of small children who lives on the road. And the message is been conveyed in the video itself that These Days A New Born India Is Having Large Effort To Sustain Their Life cause still we are suffering from lot of problems like:
Child Poverty, Child Labor, Street Children, Child marriage, Child disabilities etc.

According to Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, there are two reasons for the underdevelopment of our country:
1: Negative media
Our media focuses on negative aspects of India but actually there is a need to publish positive articles regarding the development of our nation.

2: Effortless development
We blame our government for the under development of our nation but we forget that somewhere or the other we are also equally to be blame. We never steps out to help those people. Also, there is an effortless development where public do not make any effort to help the poor. We are unwilling to work.

We say that: 
1: Our govt. is inefficient
2: Our laws are too old
3: Our railway is a joke
4: The airlines is the worst
The director focuses on Child Issue because he thinks that today’s children are the future of India. We should have a positive attitude towards the development of our nation. He considers himself as behind the tears of India.

My Perspective on this issue:
We have lot of development issues which are prevailing in India. One of them is a CHILD ISSUE. We usually see children on the road who are deprived of what they should have. As the director points out some problems like Child Poverty, Child Labor, Street Children, Child marriage etc. these problems are becoming an obstacle in the development of our nation. We say Children are the futures of our country but today’s children are being deprived of happiness that they should have. Although we have reached on the moon but still we are far behind.

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