Sunday, 18 October 2015

Review on Documentary Film: Death of my Soul- by Deepak Sharma

Description of the video:
The video focuses upon the Indian Beggary which is a serious problem and one of the development issues prevailing in our country. It shows that every day whether on roads, at religious places, railway stations etc. we see beggars. Some are disabled who sit at a particular places asking for money, some are children, some are elders. The beggary has now become a profession for these people. This problem may lead to other crimes like kidnapping, injuring and deforming people etc. Public says beggary should be banned. Ravi Kumar from Patna, India says, “This is very big problem especially in our nation, and I also know there is some racket involving beggars where children are made blind and deaf by the people who run the racket. Children are forcefully directed to beg by the people who run the racket who never come in front.” Some says begging is an industry. Begging has now become their profession because they are being told with false promises where there is no escape. Those people pick up small children who are mostly vulnerable, and force them to beg.

My perspective and some measures to take for this issue:
This video focus upon one of the development issue i.e. beggary which has been rapidly increasing day-by-day. The people who are forced to beg are mostly vulnerable. The people behind them run their racket and they make small children deaf and blind in order to gain more sympathy. I think this video makes a good impact on public that we need to step out to remove this problem and government should also consider it a big problem and actually do something about it. The people behind those rackets should be banned who do not even think about those children. Not only those children, but physically impaired people and elders, they spend their entire day with begging around in every corner. We pity on those people and we give them money but actually that money goes in the pocket of their bosses who actually force them to beg.
I think this problem should be removed as soon as possible because this issue also leads to other issues. So the development of our nation depends upon this issue as well.

Some measures which can be taken for this issue are:
1: Change the approach.
2: Do not treat them as criminals.
3: Proper Counseling.
4: Proper rehabilitation.
5: Educational Facilities.


  1. Thank you for watching and putting your perspective about the film..Deepak

    1. I am glad you read it :) thank you @paragravityfilms

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    1. thank you so much writerstorm.I have visited the page and i am glad that you featured my review.

    2. thank you so much writerstorm.I have visited the page and i am glad that you featured my review.