Wednesday, 1 January 2014


TV was turned on. She was watching TV ,holding an aircraft toy in her right hand. She looked at her aircraft toy with her teeny-weeny eyes, whose cockpit was broken from right side. She used to fantasize about her life when an anonymous boy will land at her home in the pilot's costume from an aircraft, will hold her hand and make her sit in his aircraft. So her toy was very close to her heart. Tears rolled out from her eyes, one of its drop fell on her toy and suddenly she saw an apparition of someone. Her face becomes pale as she saw a long and sharp scythe in his hand, and the ghost is approaching towards her. She becomes fearful. She fainted for few seconds and after few hours she regain her consciousness. Her eyes began to open and she saw blood droplets which leads her to the graveyard. When she enters, She saw a grave with her name written on it which says 08-04-1978 to 16-10-2005

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