Sunday, 2 June 2013


It has been 10 years they both haven’t talk to each other…time have passed!
He didn’t knew how to be in contact with Naina… His love!!!  His life!!! He used to write letters for her but never had courage to send them.
Suddenly, he got an idea… he signed in facebook… he took his mouse pointer to move on search box…he typed “Naina Sahgal.”
He found her…
He sends friend request to her…
Luckily, she was on line…she accepted his friend request.
He knew she was the one to whom he always loved during his school time…that was why, he decided to send friend request…
Naina knew that he was from the same school in which she had completed her studies.
He never told her about his feelings.

They started conversation on facebook:
Rahul:  Hi!
Naina:  Hi!
Rahul:  How are you?
Naina:  I am fine! You?
Rahul: I am good too! Do you remember me?
Naina: Yes of course! You are Rahul from D.A.V. right?
Rahul:  Yes! You remembered me?
(His heart beat becomes faster)
Rahul:  If you don’t mind, can I get your phone no.?
Naina:  Ya sure!
They exchanged their phone numbers.
They both had a chat for a while…
After few days, they started talking on the phone.

Few days later:  (on phone)       
Rahul:  You know what! Many days have been passed, I think we should meet, what do you say?
Naina:  Ummm…..I can’t! Sorry!
Rahul:  But why? I am just asking to have a cup of coffee with me?
(He became lifeless for a second, if she didn’t come then all what he had planned to propose her and to show the letters will get failed, He had waited 10 years for her)
Naina:  My mother wouldn’t allow me to go!
Rahul:  Please come! At least for 10 min.
Naina:  I’ll try!  Where should I come?
Rahul:  Café Coffee Day, Today, 5: 00 P.M.
Naina: OK! Bye!
Rahul: OK! See you then! Bye!
(He disconnects his phone)

Rahul is waiting outside CCD. Few minutes passed. The clock strikes 5:30 P.M.
(He looked at his wrist watch every minute. He waited, waited and waited! The clock strikes 6:15 P.M.)
Rahul makes a call at her phone…and the phone says:
 [the no. you have dialed is not reachable at this moment)
He again tries but fails again. Then he gets struck by the idea to log in his facebook account to see the green light in his chat list in front of Naina’s name…
But he didn’t see the same…he gets upset…
He moved away from that place and the red rose in his hand fell on the ground and crushed by his feet…
On the road, he is walking with his upset face thinking about Naina…
(Why she didn’t came to meet me? What could be the reason for her not to come? Is she already married? If she is married, then why didn’t she told me about this?)
(These kind of questions keep on irritating him…He put his hand in his pocket to take out all letters which he had never shown to anybody…but unluckily, Some of the letters flew on the main road, Rahul followed them on the road…and the moment he kneel down to pick them he saw a white beam of a car in front of his eyes and….in few seconds…Rahul was no more!

Actually, the girl Naina whom he loved till death actually don't exist in the world…She was only his fantasy, his imagination, his vision….It was only in his state of mind…Rahul was living in a world of fantasy, in his self-made world in which there was a need of love and to be loved… He fantasized to love a beautiful girl and wished to get everything he wanted in his life…
He died for his love who was not in the whole universe but was only his imagination…